Just Seconds Apart is made up of Sela, Ari, and Alex Poulos—19-year-old triplets who have devoted most of their lives to making music. After learning to play piano at age three, the Scottsdale, Arizona-based trio formed a band at age eight and soon started writing their own songs. Featuring Sela on drums, Ari on guitar, and Alex on keyboards and bass—with all three siblings lending their vocal talents—Just Seconds Apart delivers a timeless pop-rock sound built on irresistible hooks, heart-stirring lyrics, and breathtaking three-part harmonies.

The latest release from Just Seconds Apart,  Fall In Us, is a about a single moment that you want to stay in forever, Sela explains. "A moment you never want to leave. A moment so magnificent, the rest of the world disappears along with your thoughts and worries. Just a few minutes or even only a few seconds of pure bliss."Love Again, is a call back to what connects us all. “It's a relatable story of the 'what if,'“ Sela says. “What if you were given a second chance with your loved one, but this time, rather than conveying the ‘I love you’s’ in words, you express the feelings of deep, true lasting longing for each other with loving gestures.”

Their song, Love Again, is an example of how Just Seconds Apart has a knack for presenting every day, common experiences and emotions in a way that’s different but relatable. JSA’s writing style has evolved over their 11 years of sibling band-ship. They’ve written with other successful producers, and decided a few years back to take on the joys of writing in their own way. Ari focusses mostly on the production, recording, and audio engineering; Alex creates sounds and helps produce the tracks with the big picture in mind; and Sela constantly finds ways to write new lyrics with influences from her favored poets. It’s easy to see how much love these three have to give knowing how dedicated they are to their craft…that and from their mother’s support in every way: including joining them on tours, pumping them with vitamins, and managing their exuberant lifestyle while their father supports from home with their 4 dogs!

The early Fall 2018 release, Good to Know,  as described by Atwood Magazine, "is the band’s most intimate and personal song yet.  Not only is it polished and easily accessible, but it’s also deeply meaningful – a trait we can’t say for the majority of music makers in this particular pop soundspace.   'The inspiration for this song came from our own story, making this one very special to us,'  Just Seconds Apart tell Atwood Magazine.  'We were at a time where we saw things we envisioned for our career start to manifest, but for the things that hadn’t yet, we needed something good to know.'"   Atwood Magazine explains, "Ambient and boppy like The 1975’s earlier work or Justin Bieber’s latest, “Good to Know” taps into a refreshing dance-pop vibe rife with inner tension and turmoil. For all its wanting to feel positivity and warmth, “Good to Know” lurks in a dark place. It’s on the other side of happiness, an emotional mindset that longs for relief from its own melancholy and doubt." 

The Summer 2018 release from Just Seconds Apart, “Santorini Dream” unfolds with a melodic power. With its bright rhythms and sweetly soulful vocals, “Santorini Dream” also showcases the smooth musicianship that makes Just Secos Apart an unforgettable live act. Having performed at iconic venues like L.A.’s Whisky-a-Go-Go, the band joined Plain White T’s on tour in spring 2017, a 25-date run that helped boost their fan base across their social platforms.

Like all of JSA’s latest releases, “Santorini Dream” was self-produced in the band’s bedroom studio, drawing from the self-taught production skills that Ari’s honed since age 13. Partly a nod to their Mediterranean heritage, the emotionally charged track reflects on new love and “how something can seem so crazy at first, but then you realize how amazing it actually is,” according to Alex. “I was listening to a demo that Ari had come up with, and for some reason Santorini popped in my head,” adds Sela, the band’s main lyricist. “I looked it up and found out that the island was created by a volcanic eruption, so that sparked the idea of something beautiful coming from an unexpected beginning.”

With Ari writing his first song on their grandmother’s piano when he was just four, the trio later immersed themselves in the art of songwriting by deconstructing pop smashes penned by Max Martin, Julian Bunetta, and other hitmakers. As they sharpened their songcraft, Just Seconds Apart also took their high-energy live show to venues around the country as part of tours like High School Nation and Camplified.

In bringing their latest batch of songs to life, Just Seconds Apart mined their ever-evolving inspirations, such as Sela’s love for haiku poetry. “I actually come up with a lot of song ideas in the shower, so I got a waterproof notepad so I can write everything down right away,” she points out. And in creating tracks like the “Good to Know,” Just Seconds Apart tapped into the triplet telepathy that makes their chemistry all the more magical. “The day we came up with that song, I was feeling kind of down, like nothing good was happening,” Sela recalls. “And then I went and listened to a voice memo Ari had made, and the words were ‘Give me something good to know.’ It was just this weird triplet connection; he had no idea how I was feeling at the time. So I got super-excited and found some lyrics I’d written that fit exactly right with the song—it just all worked out in this perfect way.”

Just Seconds Apart thrives on their unbreakable bond as siblings and musicians. “Every day I think we realize more and more how lucky we are to have this band,” says Sela. “We’re so close anyway—we’re best friends—and being able to play this music together just makes everything that much more special.”